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Our OLiV Story

As with most successful adventures, it all starts with an unexpected coincidence, a little luck, some planning and great chemistry.

OLiV Special Reserve Olive Oil

World of Flavours

While the story of OLiV began in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where its founding partner opened the first OLiV Tasting Room retail store in 2011, originally using the olives harvested from his South African farm, the story has evolved to “un monde de saveurs” – a “World of Flavours” with OLiV stores located across 5 provinces of Canada.  And, an online retail shopping experience. 


As well, OLiV has developed a number of wholesale partners who offer the product as part of their own retail store experience.  Every day, new customers are discovering the quality and flavour of OLiV and returning customers continue to explore the thousands of flavour combinations that can be created using OLiV’s exceptional products. 


We work directly with our suppliers to ensure that the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and true balsamic vinegar (from the Modena region of Italy) is presented to our customers.  This “branch to bottle” approach has become the mantra of our company to ensure a strong and consistent supply chain, with a high quality of product. 


Using a base product that is created by our olive farm experts to our specifications, OLiV infuses these with our proprietary natural flavours to create an exceptional “WOW” experience for our customers.  Each batch bottled (in Canada) is specifically tasted by our flavour specialists to ensure you receive the highest quality and best culinary experience possible. 

OLiV distinguishes itself from its major competitors by importing only the base EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar raw products, then flavours and bottles in the Niagara Region of Canada, making them “Products of Canada”, which supports our Canadian manufacturing economy.  OLiV’s flavour specialists work with our Canadian flavour house partners to create our unique natural taste.   


Our cultivars (first press Extra Virgin Olive Oil) are sourced from different countries around the world, depending on the availability, harvest times and quality of the harvest.  This allows OLiV to meet customer demand that a single source supplier cannot achieve. 


And, OLiV continues to grow.  Using our experience and expertise, OLiV has created a line of skin care that is “Made in Canada”.  People love the moisturizing and natural softness our products provide.  As always, our skin care is created from natural ingredients. 


For those who like to entertain, OLiV has a number of olive wood accessories, easy-to-make recipes and a variety of hints.  Take some time to browse our site to learn more about the amazing “World of Flavours”, that is OLiV! 


EVOO History

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and True Balsamic Vinegars go back thousands of years, reportedly as early as 3,000 B.C.

Throughout history the olive tree has been a source of food, fuel, timber and medicine for many civilizations. It is no wonder that in 1813 Thomas Jefferson, President of the USA is quoted in a letter to James Ronaldson as saying “The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven”! A few tablespoons of premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil per day can help with cardio vascular disease, lower cholestorol and improve metabolism.

In ancient times, Balsamic vinegar was used to help relieve pain, treat infections and wounds because of its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is also helps improve digestion, regulate blood sugar and cleanse the liver.

Let OLiV help you get back to including wholesome foods of the highest quality in your every day routine, and discover the positive impact premium extra virgin olive oils and true balsamic vinegars can have in your life!

history of olive oil Canada
OLiV reviews


“Great work! Such an amazing experience to spread and share with others. Thank You!” –Janessa Coute

“Very good service and such a classy store!! We loved the experience. Thank You!!” –Sophie and Family

“First experience of flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Great Idea! Unique and special!” –Carol Pordo, Israel

“What a wonderful and healthy concept! Will definitely return for more!” –Bernie and Albert, Toronto

“YUM. Coming back again and again. Thank you!” –Tatiana

“Butter oil was AMAZING!! We will definitely be using lots!!” –Sydney D., James Town, NY

“Fig Balsamic and Lime Olive Oil combination was SO delish! Thanks for sharing!” –Irene Hall, Hamilton  

“4th time here in 16 months and our 5th bottle of something or other is what we are walking away with. Close this place down or sell me the business!!! You have excellent products!!!” –Armando and Anna, Toronto  

“The flavors we had we would never have dreamed of, let alone tasted – quite an experience, Thanks!” –Ronnie

“This was real fun- and delicious too! The Ginger Sesame oil was too fabulous.” –Ginger Sachen

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